The suspension trainer is one of the most versatile accessories that we can use when it comes to training. As well as enabling us to get fit anywhere, this system gives enormous freedom of movement and facilitates training the whole body. Despite being an increasingly widely used training option, many people still don’t really know what it consists of and how to use it. 

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At O’live Fitness we want to introduce the O’Live O’sky suspension trainer  to everyone who wants to start to introduce the suspension trainer in their workouts. There are numerous benefits and that’s why it is important that we fully understand what it consists of and how we can use it.

What does the O’live O’Sky suspension trainer consist of?

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With this training system based on doing exercises with a suspension trainer, the hands or feet are supported in an anchor point while the other part is supported on the floor. To be able to take advantage of the whole weight of the body and exercise all of the body muscles, a robust and adjustable nylon strap is used on one side which has an anchor point, and on the other part the body is supported on the floor. Thanks to its anchor system, the O’live O’Sky Suspension trainer can be attached almost anywhere, which makes it easy to train both indoors and outdoors.

Furthermore, the suspension trainer is very versatile, easy to use and efficient. It is also suitable for any person, regardless of their age or physical fitness. Simply changing the angle of training can exercise any muscle without needing to stop. In this sense, the abdominal area is activated in each movement, increasing flexibility and ensuring an intense muscular and cardiovascular workout.

O’Sky parts for effective suspension training

  • Pulley: enables bilateral and other functional exercises to be carried out which involve chains of movement. In addition, their instability causes greater activation of the abdominal muscles. We also have to add that it can be locked, making it possible to do unilateral exercises, ideal for beginners.

  • Multidisciplinary grip handles: they enable different gripping options, whether with the hands, feet or forearms. Includes a professional quality rubber handle for generic use

  • Anchoring device: fixed with nuts, this makes it possible to unhook it easily or, on the other hand, prevent it from being unhooked.

  • Strap: it fastens to the structure and measures 96cm in length.

suspension trainer

What benefits does suspension training offer? 

With the use of the O’Sky Suspension trainer for suspension training, you will be able to work the entire body, combining exercises and other sports equipment of all types. In this sense, doing functional exercises enables you to complete the workout with traditional weights and improve mobility, coordination and flexibility. Below we take a look at its benefits:

  • 360 activity: If we use the O’Sky Suspension trainer outdoors, it will enable us to train the whole body, especially boosting muscle strength, improving mobility, coordination and flexibility.

  • No age limit: suspension training is an activity suited to all ages since the different exercises adapt to the needs of each person.  In addition, the O’Sky is very simple to use and its length can be easily adjusted.

  • Recovery: This exercise stabilises and helps to improve body posture. It is often used for rehabilitation since it favours an improved and fast recovery of injuries and/or muscle tensions.

  • Good activity for the back: The O’Sky Suspension trainer enables areas to be strengthened which a prone to suffering injuries, such as the lumbar or neck area.

  • Ideal for maintaining the figure: with suspension training and using the O’Sky Suspension trainer, all parts of the body are worked, achieving an energy expenditure which favours toning and the reduction of body fat. 

  • It enables us to switch off: nowadays we are subjected to routines and sometimes we need to switch off from them. An O’Sky session will encourage you to switch off, allowing the release of adrenalin.

Routines with suspension training

suspension trainer

As we mentioned earlier, with the O’Sky from O’live, we can tone, burn fat and work the entire body, wherever you like. Below we suggest the following routines:

  • Fat burning circuit: Firstly, it is important to do intervals of work of two sets of 30 seconds, which should be alternated with 30 seconds of rest between them. In total, it is recommended to do 20 sets with basic exercises such as squats and other more specific ones such as the bicep curl.

    You should finish the routine in 15 minutes, bearing in mind that the faster the speed of the workout, the more effective the workout is at burning fat.  

  • 30 minutes of training: This routine is made up of “compound exercises”, that will cause various muscles to contract at the same time. It is made up of three different groups of exercises, since you have to do 4 sets of 30 seconds each for the first and second group comprising three moves. And the final group is made up of two exercises that comprise 5 sets of 30 seconds.

  • 10 exercises in circuit: This routine is made up of 10 exercises done in 40 second intervals that are alternated with 20 seconds of rest between them. It can be done with squats and lunges that will work the lower body, and if we want to include moves for the upper body, we can do rowing or bicep curls. 

Videos of routines with suspension trainers:

Check all Suspension trainer exercicies available here:

Suspension trainer exercices

At O’live Fitness you will find all of the equipment for suspension training, as well as the necessary fitness products to lead a healthy life.  If you need more information about how to use the O’Sky or our products and services, you can visit our website at this link

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