Functional training has never been dull, but now it is more exciting than ever thanks to Rox’s Pro.  Discover all of the benefits of functional training with this equipment. 

Many sports professionals are already using Rox’s Pro as an accessory and in their gyms for intelligent training assistance, an added bonus to all training sessions.  Rox’s Pro rocks are a great way to liven up and energize routines by creating multi-sensorial interactive exercises. Rox’s Pro’s rocks are used in a wide range of sports disciplines, such as football, tennis, basketball, boxing, fitness sessions and for functional training exercises.

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Make functional training personal, effective and fun

Functional training works your whole body by simulating movements you make in your daily life. The exercises improve balance, coordination, agility and resistance. Not only can you lose weight, but functional training also helps you to tone your muscles and lead a healthier lifestyle. This type of training is aimed at improving day-to-day body functions and movement, and ultimately, it increases quality of life.  Rox’s Pro rocks are so versatile, they can be adapted to personalise any training sessions, making them an ideal accessory to use with people of all ages.  Fitness centres, boutique gyms, larger gyms or sports centres place special value on supervised or instructor-led classes. If you run group training sessions, by using the right equipment in addition to state-of-the art training accessories, you can boost motivation in your classes. The end result is you can help your clients improve their overall health and use these accessories and equipment to adapt the training exercises to suit their individual needs. 

benefits of functional training

In keeping with personalised fitness programmes and full workouts, most fitness centres, gyms and sports trainers opt to use Rox’s Pro to create interactive training sessions to make their sessions more effective. Some of the benefits of functional training are improved reflexes, better movement and greater stimulation of neurocognitive brain function. 

Intense and repetitive movements help to burn fat and improve core strength. Moreover, functional training benefits posture by working the pelvic floor and diaphragm when doing sit-ups and push-ups.

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What kind of functional training exercises can you do with Rox’s Pro?

The Rox’s Pro set is equipped with adjustable straps; this means that the rocks can be attached to any object anywhere, making them an extremely versatile training tool. You can take functional training to another level by using Rox’s Pro to add extra movement to sit-ups and push-ups.  By making use of the rocks’ movement sensors, you can make run-of-the-mill exercises much more fun and stimulate reflexes, or use them to brighten up exercises such as arm or leg rotations. 

Rox’s Pro contributes to the benefits of functional training by adding fun and creativity to sessions. The rocks can be used to create games and competitions. For example, a game might be that the entire group has to move when a Rox’s Pro light comes on, or the rocks could be used to set up relay exercises. 

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How does the Rox’s Pro charging case increase the benefits of functional training?

The Rox’s Pro charging case is an ideal and extremely useful accessory for sports centres as it can be used to set up functional and fun exercises for groups.  A great resource that will inspire great ideas for sessions and increase the benefits of functional training

The charging case comes with adjustable straps to attach the rocks to any object, for example to boxing bags or to training bars in a gym. 

However, not only does the case serve a functional purpose to carry the rocks and accessories, it also features programmes to play with light, sound and vibrations, which can create a modern and innovative atmosphere on any premises. 

Rox’s Pro has so many great features and is so versatile that it is a sure-fire way of getting the most out of your training sessions.

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