Aqua Fitness Equipment

O’live can provide you with all the Aqua fitness equipment you need for your Sports Centre

Aqua is a discipline that consists of adapting functional training exercises so they can be performed in a swimming pool. The sessions last 45 minutes and combine exercises that are usually done out of the water, such as ‘burpees’, squats, push-ups and abdominal exercises. One of its advantages is that between 500 and 650 calories per session are burned and more muscles are worked than in a traditional spinning class for example. Moreover, the stability factor is an added challenge that makes Aqua an even more complete discipline.

Aqua Fitness Equipment

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What kind of Aqua Fitness equipment can we provide at O’live?

The essential item for all gyms that decide to offer Aqua sessions, apart from the pool, is our O’live Aquafit Board.

A training platform that offers a new, dynamic and fun way to exercise. It’s rigid and can float on water.

Aqua Fitness Equipment

The O’live AquaFit Board can be used for both Functional Training and Aqua Pilates or Woga Sessions. It’s light in the water and is used in both outdoor and indoor pools. Aqua is a discipline that has many different variants and approaches. As well as the above we would like to highlight the Aqua Box, which is a combination of two traditional disciplines, aerobics and boxing, but in the water. There is also Aqua Aerobic, which is identical to traditional aerobics but done in the pool.

 What benefits will Aqua bring to customers?

By taking advantage of buoyancy, high intensity exercise can be performed without overloading the joints. Water adds a resistance factor that improves toning and caloric expenditure. It increases body flexibility and agility and improves aerobic and lung capacity.

Aqua Fitness Equipment

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It’s perfect for people with mobility problems or the elderly. With this discipline you’ll bring your water activities right up to date and offer a different and modern service for your customers. This will make all the difference with regard to your immediate competition.

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