Studio. Gym fitness equipment

At O’live Fitness we know the importance of distinguishing and separating different fitness products and equipment according to their purpose and use, as well as categorising them based on product specifications.

That’s why we want to present all our fitness equipment so that you don’t miss out on anything for your fitness centre or classes.

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What fitness equipment do we stock at O’ live Fitness? 

In the Studio category you’ll find all the products used in directed toning and cardio classes as well as fitness in general. Elements such as cushioned mats, weight bars for toning, and indispensable items such as step platforms are found in a typical activity studio.

At O’live Fitness you’ll find a variety of fitness equipment products, such as:

Gym fitness equipment functionality

Directed classes using fitness equipment are essential in any sports centre. They are highly popular with the majority of clients and provide great physical benefits.

Fitness equipment is mostly used in directed classes or in sessions with a personal trainer that are more individualised for the user.

With fitness equipment the exercises can be modified to your needs. They can also reach all kinds of customers who have different fitness aspirations and who will be able to achieve their goals with the help of the specific equipment available in their sports centre.