At O’live Fitness, international distributor of Aerobic and Fitness, we know that the different activities carried out in the sports centre are just as important as the materials and structures used for the classes and training sessions.

The quality of the materials and the fitness cage will give added value to your sports centre. The fitness cage expands the range of activities you can offer to your clients in your sports centre.

This fitness cage can be adapted by adding and squaring different elements such as: punching bags, mats and suspension ropes like the O’live O’Sky, among others. This adaptation extends the range of exercises on offer and activities that you can offer in your sports centre.

Here are some examples from O’live Fitness:

  • Mats. Mats are a key element in any fitness centre and it’s always good to have them. If you add them to your fitness cage you will always have this indispensable and versatile element at your disposal.

  • O’live Functional Ball. These functional balls are suitable for both functional training, as the name suggests, and resistance training. Adding them to your fitness cage will expand the activities that can be carried out in it.

Contact us to find out which elements you can add to your fitness cage. Depending on the centre and the activities you do, we will advise you on which style to choose.

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