O’live Brands: gym accessories

Get to know the brands and products 

O’live Fitness is an international Aerobic and Fitness brand and has six different sub-brands, each of which is determined by specific products. Each brand is identified with the spirit of O’live Fitness.

O SkyO Sky RED

What makes these six brands unique is that they provide our customers with a wider range of fitness products and accessories. Fitness gear ranging from structures for sports centres to smaller and more specific products such as Sikloon.

Functional Crosstraining Stations 

Structures for sports spaces used for Crosstraining. The structures can be combined in the way that best suits the sports centre’s needs and training activities. These stations allow you to adapt to O’live One and O’live One+.

O’live One 

The O’live One structure allows functional training with complete exercise routines. The combination of different equipment enables a range of resistance, cardio, toning and agility exercises. These structures are used for circuits created by physical trainers.

O’live One+ 

With this one you can add more exercises per station, allowing you to diversify more of your training. It is also adjustable depending on the features the space has and the activities that are done in it.

O’Sky by O’live 

It has elastic suspension belts with three different levels that can be adjusted individually. They are suitable for functional training and cross training machines and are effective for various physical exercises depending on the needs of each centre and the client.

Sikloon O’live

Designed to introduce bar and disk rotation exercises to various training sessions. The Sikloon O’live has a fixed base and allows you to work several parts of the body with a number of toning, agility and cardio exercises. It can be added to programme routines and used in more dynamic directed classes.

Slider O’live 

With Slider O’live fitness equipment you’ll be able to complete your exercise routine both individually and in directed classes. Improves the stability and natural balance of your body.