O’live fitness rigs and racks

By Rig we mean a space, station or structure that is specially designed and manufactured for Cross Training and functional training. O’live Fitness structures are designed for our customers’ needs and abilities. This way you get tailor-made structures for your sports centre and based on your needs and specific requirements. Then  O’live provides fitness rigs and racks adapted to our customers needs.

You can modify the various structures we have at O’live Fitness based on what activities or exercises you offer at your sports centre.

  •       FCS specially designed for Cross-Training. Combinable with other structures to meet the needs of our customers and without neglecting their abilities.
  •       ONE specifically for functional training. Various training stations and exercises are combined to achieve the desired end result. The client’s training needs and infrastructure at the centre where they train are also kept in mind.
  •       ONE+ This O’live Fitness structure is a level up from structure ONE. They are designed and manufactured with functional training in mind. These structures are added to othera forming larger pieces of equipment for group training. By adding structures and stations, we can opt for more complete exercises and training.
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fitness rigs and racks

These fitness rigs and racks are manufactured and designed based on each sports centre’s needs and capacities. We present you with a 3D design so that you can see the final result as realistically as possible. There is no single design, but depending on the structures and equipment you need, we’ll offer you several options so that you can see which one best suits your needs or if needs to be modified.

We now have a small show room to provide product viewings and chat to us about your needs. To arrange an appointment, or for advice and information on any of our products or services, please call +34 938 355 950, or Email export2@aerobicyfitness.com

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