Are you thinking of modifying a space at your sports facilities for Fitboxing?

You’ll be interested to know that O’live (the brand Aerobic & Fitness uses to distribute its products internationally) wants to show you all the boxing gym equipment we can provide for your sports facilities or gym. You should know that this discipline is booming and the number of people doing it around the world has been increasing exponentially.

boxing gym equipment

It consists of a combination of techniques and movements taken from boxing, Kickboxing and the Thai discipline “Muay Thai”, with “Cross Training”. It comes from the United States and is designed for keeping fit, but not for competing or fighting in a ring, since all the blows are against a punch bag. It’s perfect for toning the body, improving breathing, fighting anxiety, and reducing everyday stress. It has endless physical and psychological benefits.

What do we offer as your local boxing gym equipment distributor?

boxing gym equipment

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In our digital catalogue you’ll find a wide variety of special equipment and accessories to practice this sport properly. First of all, we offer you our O’live Punching Bag, available in two different sizes, and an important piece of gear anywhere this particular discipline is performed.

But we also recommend you complement your functional space with the O’live Elite Free Standing Punch Bag, and the rest of the gear you need, such as O’live Boxing Gloves, O’live Boxing Curved Mitts or the O’live Boxing Pad.

boxing gym equipment

Finally, at O’live we believe that improving the services on offer with a discipline as innovative and modern as Fitboxing will allow you to increase customer’s satisfaction and reach a new niche market. Why not give it a try?

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