Functional training equipment

What is functional training and what does it consist of? 

Functional training is based on training the body by muscle areas and not training individual muscles. Body parts are trained by imitating day-to-day movements. Functional training can be done with directed classes or with personalised training.

This also achieves faster and more effective results because the training is based on natural movements and positions for the human body. Functional training equipment allows training with varied equipment, not just dumbbells, complementing the exercises done in each training session.

Functional training allows you to train your body more generally and not so specifically. This is one way to achieve more effective and faster results.

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Functional training equipment required 

Functional training equipment is just as important as the moves we make while training. This functional training equipment helps you properly perform exercises in each training session and they also increase in intensity and thereby help you achieve better results.

Some of O’live’s functional training equipment are:

  •  O’live Medicine Balls with a variety of weights distinguished by colours to be combined depending on the exercise. The outer part of the medicine balls is manufactured with a rough material allowing for a better grip. These Medicine Balls may be damaged if they are thrown at the ground.
  • O’live Functional Ball comes in different weights allowing them to be modified to each client’s strength and intensity levels. The Functional O’live Balls. These functional balls do not bounce on the ground and are ideal for exercises working in pairs, and you can also throw them.
  • O’live Battle Ropes come in three different lengths (9m, 12m, 15m) and can be adjusted depending on the exercise and the fitness of those using them.
  • O’live Sand DiscThis material is manufactured with flexible neoprene. It is ideal for exercising the core muscles. It also has an edge so you can get a better grip when doing your exercises. Take a look at the video to see the kind of exercises that can be done with the O’live Sand Disc.
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