The O’live Fitness O’Sky method is a new equipment and training system that allows for a greater variety of exercises.

This fitness equipment consists of elastic suspension belts. They are mainly used for functional training, endurance, balance and agility.

This O’live Fitness O’Sky suspension trainer was designed and manufactured for use by people of all ages and physical levels. You can adjust it to the level of difficulty and intensity that each exercise requires.

It is adjusted and graded using a pulley that also allows bilateral and functional exercise routines. This way you can adjust the O’Sky O’live Fitness suspension trainer to your fitness level and technical capabilities. With this graduation system, this item can become a very versatile complement to your training routine.

The versatility of the O’live O’Sky suspension trainer can been seen in the different types of grips it comes with. They allow you to exercise different parts of the body, not just the arms. Grip changes can be made quickly and practically using the pulley. It also has an industrial safety system, which locks it with a nut, ensuring the grips and pulleys are secure, whatever their position and elevation. This pulley allows you to quickly and easily change exercises with no complications and without having to stop.

This clamp and grip system provides us with a greater variety of exercises, such as bilateral, rotation, functional and resistance, that help to enhance and improve physical condition and agility. The grip is made of a rubber material that prevents slipping and improves grip while exercising.

They also allow one to work different body parts such as arms, legs and even the core. You can combine all of these exercises in one training session by optimising and leveraging O’Sky O’live suspension trainer.

  • Elastic straps

  • The length of each one can be modified according to the level, strengths and abilities

  • Pulley to adjust the two straps easily and practically

  • 3 different handles to modify it for exercises

  • Industrial safety measures


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