Body-mind – Physical Therapy Equipment

We equip Body Mind classes with physical therapy equipment

Here at O’live Fitness it’s important to cover all aspects of sport. We are also aware of the importance of physical well-being, but good mental and inner health are also very important. We’ll help you get the physical therapy equipment you need for your sports centre.

We offer physical therapy equipment for activities such as:

These two Body Mind practices have gained importance over the last few years and become essential in any sports centre. Obtaining the right physical therapy equipment will allow you to provide your centre with more activities and targeted classes. This will help you reach a wider and more varied audience.

What do these activities do for you? 

Both pilates and yoga provide better body stability, improved breathing, and increased body flexibility. They help us gain greater control over the mind and to disconnect from our daily routine.

At O’live Fitness we believe that it is essential to maintain good health in these two areas as they are the fundamental aspects of day-to-day living. It is therefore essential to equip your sports facilities with physical therapy equipment.

Pilates and yoga equipment 

We’ll show you some of the equipment you can find at O’live Fitness to complete the Body Mind structures in your sports center:

  •  O’live Pilates Compact Rack to store the gear used in pilates-based classes. This helps keep the equipment you use in good order and well-organised.
  •  O’live Yoga Mat essential for yoga activities where it’s used as a base for practicing the various postures.