Considering all customer needs and requirements it was necessary to design a new range of functional rigs to provide solutions, solve the problems and fit the needs.

For this reason…

We made the ONE Fitness cages !

…a combination of design and versatility.


We have focus on maximizing the efficient use of dimensions and the space utility combining multiple options like: ONE+ XL (Rack + Squat add on). ONE + ISLAND RACK, ONE + SMALL, ONE + RACK. The versatility of our product delivers a different approach to your fitness space.

Combining Quality manufacturing >> Gym cages designed and manufactured in Barcelona with the best technical equipment,

Choice and flexibility >> We work with our clients to adapt to their needs and image.

Seriousness and control >> Not only we guarantee high-end manufacturing, we also oversee the entire process of production, shipping and customer service,

3D Design >> We can design your functional station or power rack in your space and you will see it in 3D before making the decision.

Training and complementary products >> O’live Fitness together with Aerobic & Fitness can offer training for your team in the use of gym cages and also all the material and spare parts necessary for its correct use and maintenance.

Finally you can complete your fitness cage structure with a combination of storage solutions and of course, you can customize your fitness cage with the colour that you want and other extras.

Discover O’live Fitness cages and power racks and everything they can bring to your sports facilities.

One+ O'live

We now have a small show room to provide product viewings and chat to us about your needs. To arrange an appointment, or for advice and information on any of our products or services, please call +34 938 355 950, or Email

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