The O’live power disk bar is 3mm thick, providing more load capacity without deformation. The bar also incorporates a new foam texture handle for better grip and less moisture fix.

It allows increasing the difficulty of your training by adding more weights on your workouts using different disks.

The Power Disk is unique with its variety of colours. Each size and weight has its own colour. This will make it easier for you to recognise them and know which one is best for your strength and fitness level. It will also help you adjust the Power Disk for the exercises you are doing and the intensity required for each one.

O’live Power Disk shape and equipment

Most exercises that can be done with Power Disk are for toning and increased muscle volume. The Power Disk is manufactured from material that is also designed to prevent slipping when individual exercises are performed with the disks on their own.

The discs also have a 12-sided shape, allowing better fixing and grip, as well as support on the floor, which prevents them from slipping. The three holes in the Power Disk provide a secure fixing and manual grip.

O’live Power Disk Features:

  • 12-sided design to avoid ground rolling.
  • Three holes for easy and secure grip.
  • Soft and comfortable foam coated bar, 3mm thick, providing more load
  • The PVC central ring facilitates the introduction of disks through the bar, while
    preventing wear.
  • Colour coded for an easy weight identification.
  • Load capacity 70 kg.

O’live Power Complete Disk Set

  • Two orange disks 1.25 kg
  • Two red disks of 2.5 kg
  • 2 maroon disks of 5 kg
  • One bar of 140 x ø 3cm and 2.8 kg
  • Two clamps of ø 3cm

O’live Power Disk Lady Set:

  • Two ergonomics orange disks of 1.25kg
  • Two ergonomics red disks of 2.5kg
  • One bar of 140 x ø 3cm and 2.8 kg
  • Two clamps of ø 3cm

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