Free weights

What are Free Weights? 

The well-known Free Weight training can be done by anyone who wants to reduce their body fat level, increase muscle volume as well as strength.

If you increase the weight you use, you will gain in all the aspects mentioned above. It is a progressive exercise so as you train you can increase the resistance with your free weight gym equipment.

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Different types of Free Weights equipment 

Having different and varied Free Weight Equipment will allow you to continue progressing and increasing weight and volume in accordance with each user’s personal and fitness objectives. Here at O’live Fitness we have several types of Free Weight Equipment:

  • O’live Olympic Bumper Discs are added to the bar and increase weight as you progress through the exercises. They have different colours to easily distinguish the various weights.
  • O’live Cast Iron Kettlebells, traditional kettlebells, have been becoming more important in sports centres and training sessions. They help you achieve greater muscle elasticity, improve body stability and increase strength.
  • O’live Olympic Multi Grip Bar facilitates weightlifting with a more natural body movement. The discs, with the appropriate weight for each person, are added to the end of the side bars on the bars. They are used more for individualised personal training.
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