A Spectacular Location

Ikos Olivia has taken home the award for Best All-Inclusive Hotel in the World at the 2021 TripAdvisor Annual Travellers Choice Awards. The announcement, ranking Ikos Resorts as number one in the world for the 4th consecutive year.

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At Ikos Olivia, they strive to deliver a variety of fitness experiences that create a whole body approach to wellness and health through their dynamic enviroment, stretching and flexibility workouts and complimentary Yoga and functional sessions at the beach. Each session is hosted by a specialist with years of experience in their respective field.

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Ancient olive trees and fragrant firs provide both shade and privacy throughout the spacious grounds, the manicured lawns eventually meets the white sands and refreshing waters of the Aegean sea. At Ikos Olivia chic design goes hand in hand with subtle elegance to offer a warm welcome to the most discerning traveler. And thanks to our distributor in Greece Real Motion we are lucky to be part of this wonderful oasis.

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Project Proposal

IKOS Developing team designed an outdoor training area with a few machines (air bike, rower, spinning bike and other accesories)

so they also want to storage the equipment. That was Real Motion excuse to offer O’Live Fitness container plus the outdoor rig. The customer loved the idea, the delivery time and the value for money.


O’Live Fitness real challenge was to find a color that matched the whole ambiance, earthy tones set the mood for the training zone.

A beach training program that is dedicated to hotel guest. The guests are usually young couples, and people who normally work out.

The Training Beach at IKOS Resorts is a new concept of health, being a way to exercise in contact with nature, thus relieving all the stress from work or the city. A place where you can find the necessary tools for all kind of sports training, even bodyweight exercises!

“This project will create a unique and interesting area to work on. The project has been thought to be in the line with the clients business, therefore, I believe that this project would be a successful one.”

Dimitris Grigorellis - CEO, Real Motion Europe
Paint Job Process
Paint Job Finished
Container Leaving the Warehouse

We at O’Live Fitness take all clients seriously and are committed to providing the best fitness experience. For us it was a pleasure to gathered our partners and help them achieve their goals, so they can offer the best solution for their clients.

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