Outfitting Koukoumi hotel with a new fitness area

About Koukoumi hotel

Koukoumi 4* hotel, the 1st and only vegan hotel in Greece. Koukoumi in Myconian dialect means sheltered from the wind a cozy place for snuggling.

The hotel’s management team presents itself as:

“Situated in the heart of the Mikonos island, in the traditional village of Ano Mera, Koukoumi was created to be a peaceful sanctuary for the sophisticated traveler. In this setting we tried to bring a breath of fresh air in hospitality, to show a more intimate side of the island and promote a new life philosophy. We can enjoy life without harming animals, the environment or ourselves. A vegan will feel at home here and everyone can try out an alternative and peaceful way of being, satisfying at the same time all their senses.”

The hotel welcomes all people who want to enjoy a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet during their vacation, travels, seminars or resort stays. Purely vegetarian meals are not just healthy. A visit to their hotel can help with transitioning to a vegetarian/vegan diet, or simply provide a taste of vegetarian cuisine.

In this context a well furbished fitness area is a must for all their customers who care not only about feeding but also about their keeping fit by training.

O’live Solutions

O’live solution: a functional fitness area to build a natural physique

In this healthy and natural context Koukoumi hotel wants to offer their guests a coherent way to build their bodies: not only focussing on cardio activities or big muscles development to lift heavy weights but it is also about to make muscles work harmonically together in order to accomplish daily tasks and movements and build a natural physique. This is functional training. 

With this purpose Koukoumi hotel has opted for an O’Live functional fitness area in which their guests can complete their healthy lifestyle by training to build their natural physique thanks to O’Live functional workouts that make guests’ fitness experience totally positive and memorable

O’live solution: a new fitness area 

With the intention of expanding and improving the services offered to its customers, the hotel managers decided to implement a new fitness space according to the values and philosophy of the company (healthy lifestyle). Their main interest is to provide a full positive experience to its customers and that’s why they contacted Real-Motion (O’live Fitness distributor at Greece).

Our consultants analysed the project as well as their needs and proposed the following solution: Create a fitness area that would include:

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How has O’live solution been working?

Because of the pandemic Koukoumi hotel opened July 15th and they closed on October 15th. The facility worked great, they have had amasing feedback from the costumers. Mrs. Kontiza – the owner – is excited with the way costumers used the gym. Many PT sessions, and other workout routines. All costumers visited at least once, and two of them asked how they can make a similar one in their homes (Spain and UK)!

new fitness area
O’live equipment suppliers

Why O’Live Fitness choice to create the Koukoumi functional fitness area?

As Alexandro himself told us, he was impressed with our O’live Fitness Cage from the day he was introducted to it by our greek partners (Real-Motion). He highlighted the design and all the functional elements, as well as the proposed layout and, after the installation, his team was excited and pleased with the quality and the functionality of it.

new fitness area

Get the best material for your new fitness area

Our first goal at O’live Fitness is to understand your values and philosophy. That allows us to help you with your duty of satisfying your customers. We offer  you a wide range of top-quality fitness materials for high-performance workouts and session at your sports club, gym, hotel or boutique. The point is to make a correct interpretation of your needs and present our proposal in a way that will allow you to figure out the final result.  We have been in the business for many years, and we have vast experience advising fitness centers and professionals on the best equipment to meet their needs.  Check out our website now or contact us directly.

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