Held by our DK Distributor Saga Trim

Next House Copenhagen is much more than just a hostel. Each part of Next House Copenhagen’s ambience was design carefully to ensure that it works as a support for an amazing experience

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As they described the spaces, from the Next Arena to the cinema, yoga and to a slice of pizza, their approach is always to understand the guests and create a house that nurtures and supports their needs.

The Training Area is the perfect example, the client needs were based on a low maintenance area with great quality, that was translated into a first approach that can be multifunctional and ready to be use for anyone at any level.

Render 02 Next House Copenhagen RenderProjectNextHouse

Next House Hostel

Once the client saw the potential of the proposals they adapted the ideas and take it to the next level.

They Called it “Next Arena” an indoor stadium of 10×20 meters, Around the arena spectator seats are lined up, so there is plenty of space to cheer. Next Arena is ideal for a fun morning, afternoon or evening, come by and give it a try. To complete the sport area the Gym came as a fundamental part of the final project.

Our distributor took inspiration from the lines and the space designed, giving a sensation of big space and working with products that had low maintenance and did not required of a training specialist.

O’Live One+ Island Rig is the main character on this area, filled with all the perks, boxing arm and boxing bag, ball wall target, multipurpose monkey bars for both functional training and suspension tools, O’Live Core Trainer and much more.

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To keep the space tidy there’s also a One+ Storage Unit that holds everything from weight bags, dumbbells, kettlebells, elastic bands, etc.

Next House O'Live Island Rig

The right solution for a great space with a firm idea. To complete this work Next House had the idea of a Wellness zone for Pilates and Yoga Training.

Wellness Next House
O’Live Wellness

The project required clean lines, spaces and noble materials to fit the whole client concept. O’Live Ballet Bars and supports were the perfect component, along with yoga mats, body rolls and different training balls.

Wellness Project

Next House Wellness Material

A great project that we are glad to be part of, Saga Trim worked beautifully designing the project renders and offering the best materials.