At Aerobic&Fitness we are devoted to the manufacturing and distribution of gym equipment as well as the sale of gym equipment. We adapt and pay close attention to the evolution that the Fitness and Wellness sector follows to always offer you the best.

In fact, the sale of gym equipment and manufacturing go hand in hand, in the sense that we understand the needs of the end customer and we know about the evolution of the market to subsequently distribute it. This makes us highly competitive and helps us to always offer you the best. That’s why we know it is super important that you the latest generation gym equipment with all of the technology. With the technological and digital race we are experiencing, we want to present you the products and designs of space that we can help you to build for your premises or personal use. Now is the time to adapt to the science and recognise all of the benefits so that you improve your performance and that of your users whilst also optimising time and resources.

Gym equipment and products that we have for you

Sale of technological gym equipment: some of our brands

We believe that one of the ways of keeping yourself and your users motivated is by knowing your improvement and physical development. That’s why we have technological equipment that helps you in personalised training programmes for small groups or for individual use.

Digital workouts with Koombo or with Wimufit help to monitor sessions in real time adapted to the fitness level of each person. This way, the exercises can be carried out in a group, but each individual works at their own level, regardless of sex, age or current physical fitness. In addition, they support the progress of the training sessions and enable tracking to know what specifically needs to be worked on in order to improve performance.  Another argument in favour of the sale of high-tech gym equipment is that they keep users motivated. Each individual can see their progress and continue improving under real and health goals.

sale of gym equipment
Latest generation gym equipment

Designs of space with the sale of gym equipment

At Aerobic&Fitness we also take care of adapting the space of your premises to a gym or room to perform physical exercise. We support private and municipal gyms, spas, studios, shops specialising in sports equipment, health spaces, health resorts, hotels, communities and individuals of all types. We have a wealth of experience, we are bound to know how to adapt to your requirements!

We base ourselves on the characteristics of each project and from that, we suggest a versatile space that adapts well but that can also change over time. In this sense, we are devoted to the sale of specialised gym equipment with excellent sporting features. We give you extensive solutions like sports equipment, but also support with changing rooms, maintenance and even hygiene.

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Health and technology go together

sale of gym equipment

We have been devoted to the sale of gym equipment for more than 20 years, and we love the fact that the awareness of looking after everyone’s health is growing. Now more than ever, when the awareness of being healthy has gained more limelight among users, we encourage you to take the leap and add this technological advantage.

Sale of gym equipment for all types of customers

We work for all types of customers nationally and internationally. If you want to stay up to date with sports developments, don’t hesitate to follow us and, if you decide to, here we are! You can discover more of our products on the website, you can send us an email or you can also call us on +34 938 355 950.


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