Contact sports are highly beneficial for cardiovascular health as well as for emotional well-being, and boxing for fitness is no exception. 

Whether you already box to stay in shape or want to start out in the world of boxing for fitness, we want to share an application with you to bring these benefits to your gym or sports club.  Find out more about the amazing potential that this type of contact sport has!

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What is boxing for fitness?

Boxing for fitness is based on the fundamentals of combat boxing to work out in a dynamic, enjoyable and slightly different way compared to boxing as we know it. In traditional boxing, two opponents come face to face in a ring and box round after round. Meanwhile, boxing for fitness takes advantage of all of the positive aspects of training exercises used in boxing to work out individually or in groups. In terms of health benefits, we are talking about a cardiovascular workout, strength training and toning, not to mention the benefits of doing a contact sport and taking physical activity on a regular basis.

Boxing for fitness
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Boxing for fitness: improve cardio and coordination

A deep understanding of boxing techniques and skills are the key to developing a fitness routine that get the most out of the exercises. At O’live, we are always on the lookout for new trends because we know that you want to provide your clients with the best fitness sessions in your sports club, boutique gym or sports centre.

Boxing for fitness improves cardiovascular stamina as all of the movements make the heart work harder. At the same time, these sessions burn more fat, so boxing exercises for weight loss is an ideal bonus for many gym-goers. 

The wide variety of punches, jabs, side dodges, feints or fakes, bob and weave, changes in footwork and rhythm, these are all part of a boxing for fitness workout. These movements also improve coordination, and as a result concentration. Physical exercise and routine workouts also make it easier for us to focus on our daily activities or work. 

Boxing for fitness

Greater joint mobility, flexibility and toning

Many of the movements that are included in fitness boxing programmes involve wide arm and leg movements, which are great for joints and improve flexibility. Thanks to boxing for fitness, your clients will feel more agile and stronger. One of the many exercises they will enjoy is impact exercises against a punching bag.

If fitness boxing is carried out in tandem with bodybuilding routines, the results in increasing muscle tone are excellent

Contact sports improve emotional stability

Boxing for fitness is a high intensity sport, and like all other contact sports, it releases endorphins which are hormones that make us feel better. Without doubt, the emotional stability that comes with physical activity is an essential health benefit that many of your clients are looking for. When clients hit the gym, they want to release tension and de-stress while leaving the demands and worries of their day behind them.  Boxing for fitness is ideal! This is the era of endorphins; let’s enjoy the benefits of these happiness hormones! 

In a nutshell, physical activity increases self-esteem and self-confidence, and improves our general well-being. A healthy mind is a healthy body!

Boxing to fight diseases of the nervous system

Boxing gyms around the world are helping patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in their fight to improve their health. Parkinson’s disease is the second most common type of neurodegenerative disease, and it affects between 7 and 10 million people worldwide. Several studies have shown that vigorous exercise increases not only the amount of dopamine produced by the brain, but the brain’s capacity to use dopamine effectively. For these reasons, intense exercise is one of the best ways to slow the progression of symptoms. Researchers believe that the level of intensity and complexity of movement required in boxing make it an effective method to slow down the progression of Parkinson’s disease. Feedback from patients on the benefits of boxing exercises, such as those in boxing for fitness is extremely positive and encouraging. Patients say it improves coordination, and that they are able to take longer strides and stay more upright.

Boxing for fitness

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