Do you know what workouts will be trending in 2020?

New year, new fitness trends! Many people are already beginning to accomplish their new year’s resolutions and, for most of them, giving their all in the gym and the cult of the body is a primary aim. We at Aerobic & Fitness set out the 2020 fitness trends that you will hear a lot about over the next few months. Generally speaking, at Aerobic & Fitness, we are committed to: HIIT training, group training sessions, free weights, and Wellness therapies. We’ll tell you everything below.

Fitness Trends 2020

HIIT training: effective for losing weight and for getting rid of body fat

Do you know what HIIT training is based on?  This is one of the methods which have recently had an increased level of interest from athletes of different types of sports. It is one of the top fitness trends of 2020 in many gyms and it is becoming increasingly prominent in training routines.   It is based on alternating short and intense periods of activity with other periods of recovery or medium-low intensity. This training doesn’t usually last more than 20 minutes, although the total session may be quite a lot longer, depending on prior warm-up and subsequent exercises.

They are very effective training routines for losing weight and burning calories. In the same session, you will work on power, strength and cardio through aerobic and anaerobic rhythms.

Here is an example of  HIIT training:

  • Start with a race of over 20 metres touching the floor at each end as you turn.

  • Next, lift dumbbells, while going into a squat and, when you come up from this, stretch the arms out with lighter or moderate weight dumbbells

  • Face melter. This exercise starts in a plank position with the feet on  a box. While maintaining this position, lower one foot to the floor and then the other, and lift them up to the box or bench again, repeat the movement

  • Ski-erg. Add a jump to each pull to increase your heart rate

  • Burpees. A turn for squats and press-ups. Ensure you are doing them correctly

  • Split leaps with Suspension. On each pull, jump and change leg position

  • Air cycle: After the intensive activity, take maximum advantage of the recovery time before the next set

  • Rope-Gorilla Slams. Hold a rope with one hand and lift it above your head before hitting it towards the ground whist lowering yourself into a squat position

  • High knees. Sprint on the spot and lift your knees up as high as you can. Make sure you use your arms to direct your legs

Group training sessions: motivating and effective, even when there are different physical conditions

Fitness Trends 2020

 Group training sessions are designed to be done as a group. Instructors are usually the people who teach, drive or motivate people through exercise classes. In general, there are lots of advantages offered by group training sessions: you gain in cooperation, you learn to share successes and failures and, above all, they promote competitiveness and reciprocal encouragement.  The positive moods of your colleagues will boost dynamism and strengthen the will to achieve the objectives.

If you like this type of intense workout, we recommend training sessions like Bootcamps. Lots of gyms and sports clubs now have them as part of their training offer. Bootcamps can be found indoors and outdoors. It is the most effective way to improve strength and burn more fat.

Free weight training: work with freedom of movement

 Free weight training refers to doing workout exercises with freedom of movement and without a pre-set and controlled circuit, as occurs with workout machines. This category includes dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, etc.

These workouts enable greater freedom of movement, which will make the muscle groups you want to focus on work harder, since making more natural movements works more parts of the muscles than using a machine.  In addition, it is a good way of working on balance, sharpening concentration and mental control.

A few years ago, cross training emerged as part of free weight training, and it is a discipline that is gaining new followers each day. This training is based on a type of functional exercises, which are very varied and high intensity, perfect for full physical fitness and for gaining strength.

Wellness: for athletes from different disciplines

Practising Wellness is perfect for breathing in a state of physical and mental well-being. It is a method where you can achieve a physical level of the feelings of relaxation and well-being. 

Wellness works using massages, aerobics,  Yoga or Pilates among others, with the aim of achieving complete relaxation.

Pilates Mat exercises are done on a  mat. Additionally, a variety of exercises can be done, such as floor Pilates, with balls, elastic bands, magic rings and  rollers. Wellness is wonderful for rehabilitation and to increase strength.

Fitness Trends 2020

Aerobic & Fitness, always up to date with the latest fitness trends

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