The boutique centers, a global trend of training and social space that few have understood.

  • Square Fitness Studio arises from the need to create a space where people can train while they enjoy the space, work and socialize

  • This center is a clear reflection of the boutique concept, already settled in cities such as New York, London or Mexico City, which base their methodology on experience and payment for use

The first weeks of December were officially opened in Madrid SQUARE Fitness Studio, a boutique center located in the financial area (C / Edgar Neville, 3), which was born to become a reference center in the boutique trend, so fashionable in the big Cities where there is a target that seeks not only a space to train, but to live a complete and unique social and training experience.

The training concept of SQUARE Fitness Studio, specializing in HIIT, is based on 50-minute classes that aim to increase caloric intake, muscle development and improve the cardiovascular endurance of people. They have key suppliers when it comes to providing sports experiences and specialized equipment, such as Aerobic & Fitness, an equipment company with great knowledge of this type of centers worldwide.

Boutique centers

Behind this concept is Brett Poblet, a specialist in trends within the world of Fitness, and with a long career that has led him to study, develop and refine this concept by adapting it to the local market. A concept that has already hooked hundreds of people, including the Millennial generation.

Brett, who has already proven successful with a previous project with similar characteristics, has wanted to take SQUARE Fitness Studio one step further, making strategic alliances with brands that could offer their clients the feeling of exclusivity and community that the project brings with it. Puma and Rituals are, among others, those that have opted for the philosophy of this unique center in Madrid.

And SQUARE Fitness Studio is more than a training place. At the bar of your FUEL BAR in the Club Area area, customers can find an ideal complement to achieve their goals, through natural and healthy products, before and after each training.

There are no entry fees, nor permanence, thus maintaining a constant freedom of choice of customers. The reality is that SQUARE Fitness Studio is going because you want to not only train, but enjoy an environment, a philosophy, a lifestyle that takes you to be part of the fitness community of Madrid.

If you have questions or are interested in any of our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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