Aerobic and Fitness visits the PlayGym centre, accompanied by Joaquin Toyos, the club Manager. This sports centre is the latest addition to the city of Valencia. A sports centre, turned into a boutique that specialises in functional training and boxing activities.

The PlayGym philosophy has always been to make the classes and training sessions fun and effective.

Starting point of the PlayGym centre

The PlayGym centre was founded in April 2017. It created a new idea and concept of functional training for small groups and more specific and specialised classes focusing on all types of users.

PlayGym centre

Highlights of the different activities taking place at the PlayGym centre

At PlayGym we find 3 main activities:

  • A variety of boxing and kick boxing exercises and techniques without any physical contact.

  • A cross-training session for greatly increasing strength and resistance.

  • Exercises to improve body awareness. A combination of exercises including meditation, joint movement, relaxation and stretching.

Although the activities take place in groups, they always carry out an individual assessment and provide specific monitoring for each person.

PlayGym centre

How has Aerobic and Fitness helped to achieve the end result at PlayGym?

Aerobic and Fitness helped with the design and structure of the new boutique and PlayGym centre of Valencia. The structures suggested by the Aerobic and Fitness team were:

  • FCS island structure with suspension elements. In addition, cross training equipment was added for activities with small groups.

  • FCS structure with customised banana bags for boxing classes.

Why was Aerobic and Fitness chosen to implement the new changes at PlayGym?

According to the PlayGym centre manager himself, Joaquin Toyos chose Aerobic and Fitness because of the “comfort, functionality and form of the projects. The materials used and the working methods have meant that the arrangements have always been made easily and quickly”.

At Aerobic and Fitness we help, we advise and we support the value of things done well and the quality of the teamwork.  We achieve what we set out to with hard work and, above all, by taking into account the customers’ objectives, the design of the centre, the rooms and the structures themselves, according to the customer’s style.

We firmly believe in communication between both sides. The customer must be able to convey their ideas to us with total confidence, and we suggest various options that suit their needs.