Aerobic and Fitness, a leading company providing real and effective design, training or technological solutions to sports centres, gyms and boutiques within the Spanish market, was responsible for devising and managing the new Atalanta Boxing project in Valencia.

The commercial director Raúl Rojo and the CEO Mercè Vilamú of Aerobic and Fitness visited the Ramón Asensio Centre, ATALANTA, Valencia, in order to study, design and finally implement the necessary solutions requested by the company.


This sports facility offers a wide variety of activities and spaces. A fitness room, various led activities, pilates, spin, swimming pool and its new activity, FIT Boxing, which is currently revolutionising the sector.

What is Fit Boxing?

Like many of the current techniques and trends in the world of Fitness, Fit Boxing is a discipline which comes from the United States. Its main objective is to help its practitioners to be fit or gain muscle, rather than to enhance their competitive skills.

Fit boxing is a fusion of boxing, kickboxing, muay thai and cross fit in which, despite what you might expect, there is no physical contact with another person. Most of the moves are made against a bag like O’live’s punchbag, available at the Aerobic and Fitness online store.

The 60-minute sessions also help increase endurance, strength, agility and coordination.

Fit Boxing Valencia


The new project has been carried out by refurbishing an old squash room in the centre. Thanks to the change in this space, new fitness trends have been introduced in the installation. The new activities which give added value to the centre are Fit Boxing and hiit training.

Installations for the new Fit Boxing Valencia room at the Atalanta Valencia centre

The solution which Aerobic and Fitness has provided for ATALANTA is:

  • A circular wall-to-wall boxing structure which allows you to use 8 punch bags during training and to store them at the sides when the training is finished. With a central area which is completely free for carrying out other activities.

  • This structure also allows for suspension training, with the same features as discussed with the bags.

  • Storage solutions that collect all the functional material used in Hiit training sessions such as the RMT®CLUBS.

Aerobic and Fitness is one of the providers in which ATALANTA has placed its complete confidence to carry out the consultations and the new projects.

Design and decoration equipment for Atalanta, Valencia

Another of the highlights of the room is its equipment.

The perfect soundproofing, the neon lights and the music which is coordinated during the sessions create an excellent environment for any type of instructor-led activity.

Another highlight of the new space is its decoration. ATALANTA collaborated with the graffiti artist Martín Flores, who has produced the design of the walls by following the idea and philosophy of the club. The result has been a totally different, modern and underground room which is consistent with the lighting and music.

Finally, the installation was completed at the end of August and the new space has already been in use since September and it has had an excellent reception.

Fit Boxing Valencia
Fit Boxing Valencia

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