As a result of the recent Covid-19 pandemic and the ban on sports in open spaces and gyms, many people had to find alternatives to keep fit and to maintain their usual training routines. Many homes became gyms and social networks were flooded with live routines and workouts. 

The most interesting thing is that many people have adopted the good habits of doing sport at home and continue to do so. At O’Live,  we believe that setting up your own home gym is a very practical and effective solution to face the new normality without having to give up doing exercise or training. 

O’live Fitness products

You might think it requires a lot of investment, space and time to set up. However, O’Live has affordable and versatile solutions that will enable you to set up a home gym without the need for a lot of investment or space. 

Do you want an affordable and functional home gym? Below, we show you some of the different O’Live products that you can easily buy to set up your home gym.

Set up a home gym with O’Live equipment?

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If you know how to choose fitness equipment, you could set up a home gym in the most comprehensive, affordable and flexible way possible. However, you should be clear about which equipment is essential for your training and all of the functionalities of this equipment. 

Many products promise good results with a low outlay. That’s why, at O’Live, we suggest some of the most functional, flexible and comfortable items to set up an affordable home gym.

O’Live Pilates Mat

The most basic item to be able to train at home is a pilates mat. Although it may not seem like it, this mat is one of the most functional and essential products for training. It can also be a supplementary item for practising other disciplines and techniques at home.

Throughout the training session, you can find many exercises that require you to be lying down or supported on the floor. This is the case with abdominal exercises, glute exercises, stretches, online yoga or Pilates classes, etc. The use of a mat will mean that your knees, hands, back and stomach are more comfortable.

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The O’Live pilates mat is made with a type of soft material, with good characteristics of recovery and the ability to adapt which allows it to be folded and a high adherence to the floor.  In addition, it has a slightly rough surface to prevent slipping during exercises.

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O’Live dumbbells

Another of the most basic items for training at home is weights. Exercises with dumbbells are essential for all strength training programmes. They can be used to develop muscle mass, stamina, explosive strength and power.

Dumbbells enable a wide variety of exercises to be carried out that few pieces of equipment can equal. Just by using these pieces of equipment, you will be able to do hundreds of exercises and exercise all of the main muscle groups.

To work the lower body, in other words, glutes and legs, you can do dead weight exercises, lunges, squats, heel lifts, etc. On the other hand, to exercise the upper body and core, meaning arms, chest, back and abdominals, you can do exercises such as: lateral raises of the arms, arm stretches, horizontal rowing, shoulder and chest press, trunk rotations, abdominal stretches, and much more. 

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The chrome dumbbells from O’Live are available from 1kg up to 10kg in weight. In addition, they have handles designed to facilitate the grip and increase the user’s safety.

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However, if you need more weight to carry out your routines, you can buy other O’Live products with a higher weight. These include the O’Live Pro-Style rubber dumbbells, available from 1kg up to 37.5kg, the O’Live Pro-Style bars available from 10kg up to 45kg, or the O’Live rubber olympic disks that you can find from 5kg up to 25kg.

O’Live O’Sky suspension trainer

To set up your own home gym in the most affordable and practical way possible, it is highly recommended that the fitness items you buy are versatile, multi-purpose and compact. For this very reason, at O’Live we strongly recommend buying O’Sky, the only item necessary for comprehensive and effective suspension training.

O’Sky is one of the most versatile accessories you can find. It enables you to get fit anywhere, gives enormous freedom of movement, stimulates the work out of the entire body taking advantage of the weight of the body itself and encourages the development of balance, flexibility and strength.

suspension trainer

If you want to know more about O’Sky and the benefits of suspension training, you can access our blog content where we tell you what suspension training consists of and the different ways of using O’Sky to get the most out of it. 

If, on the other hand, you are already sure that the O’Sky suspension trainer bands are necessary to set up your home gym in an affordable and functional way, you can buy them easily below!

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O’Live, the ideal equipment supplier

O’Live fitness equipment adaptable to any space and enables you to do a wide variety of routines and workouts, as well as being very practical and easy to use. 

For this, and many other, reasons, we believe that O’Live is the perfect candidate to supply the necessary equipment to set up a home gym and face the new normality.


At O’live Fitness, you will be able to find all of the necessary equipment to set up your own gym and lead a healthy life comfortably from home. If you need more information about our products and services, you can visit our website through this link or contact us.

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