It’s really important for kids to acquire healthy habits from a young age

Functional training comprises a series of exercises that simulate the movements of the body in real life, with the aim of working on the muscle groups altogether. Skills such as balance, stamina, coordination, strength and flexibility improve with this type of training, making our everyday lives easier and greatly reducing the risk of injury.

On this basis, functional training for kids serves as a precursor to resistance training later on in life, helping children to develop their general body strength, whilst learning about the importance of doing some exercise daily and the benefits this brings.

Furthermore, kids can do functional exercises, but always bearing in mind that the use of free weights or medicine balls must be carried out under the strict supervision of an adult.

functional exercise for kids

It is important to remember that children’s bodies are growing and developing constantly up to the age of 21. This is why you must be very careful when doing exercises that require the use of weights.

In spite of this, if we are to analyse some interesting data coming from leading world institutions such as the  American Academy of Paediatrics, we will see that knee injuries in children and adolescents have increased over the years.

In line with these results, researchers and doctors from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia claim that over the last ten years they have seen an increase of more than 400% in sports injuries in children.

This shows that functional training can respond to the imperative need for kids to receive an appropriate sports training from a young age, preventing future injuries and enabling children to enjoy sport in a happy, educational and healthy way.

Functional exercise for boys and girls: What should you bear in mind?

Children should be able to practise a sport that they enjoy for at least sixty minutes, the more days of the week the better. Besides this, if you want them to do good functional exercise, they should do between six and eight exercises that work on the main muscle groups, a few times per week. Always in a relaxed and pleasant environment however, with fun, dynamic and entertaining sessions. Incidentally, many people think that strength training is bad for children.

functional training for kids

This is not true when it is done with the appropriate weights, following a well-designed programme with good technique at the hands of qualified trainers and professionals.

Moreover, we won’t just see benefits on a muscular and structural level, but we will also help them from an emotional point of view – lowering their stress levels, encouraging the liberation of their minds and helping them learn about their body little by little.

Learning about and practising a sport as a remedy to fight against inactivity

Functional training and weightlifting highlight the importance of regularly working on mobility, and place great emphasis on children gaining good patterns of movement from a young age, in an appropriate way. It is an ideal way to fight against the culture of inactivity that exists in today’s society.

In this sense, if good patterns of activity can be maintained and developed as the child develops and grows, until they become an adolescent, it is highly likely that this will get them used to leading a healthier life in general from a young age. With these type of exercises, children learn to control their bodies, breathe better and increase the quality of their movements, and this is crucial for good development, in terms of health, well-being and the prevention of injuries.

Products from the O’live catalogue for functional training for kids

With everything we mentioned earlier in mind, we would like to show you some of the products we have in our catalogue for optimum functional training, for children and adults alike, in gyms and sports centres.

We start with the vinyl dumbbells, ideal for resistance and strength exercises, with a vinyl layer that protects the floor and the dumbbell itself from possible damage or falls. The colour varies according to the weight which is specified on each dumbbell. They are easy to clean and durable. Their striking colours usually capture kids’ attention from the start of the session.

functional training for kids

We continue with the Body Bar from O’live, steel bars coated in top-quality foam to achieve a safer and more comfortable grip, along with a much softer feel. They can be used for all types of exercises within functional training, with special attention to strength training. We offer five different weights that are also differentiated by colour.

functional training for kids

Next we present you our wooden poles made of varnished beech wood, that can be used to complement and expand the variety of exercises possible with the Aling equipment from O’live.

functional training for kids

And we finish with our EVA mats, which are characterised by their excellent durability and great versatility since they have been designed and manufactured as all-rounder mats. They have a smooth underside for greater adherence and a rough upper surface for less slippage while doing the exercises during functional training sessions.

functional training for kids
O’live product catalogue

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