Are you a fan of fitness and Wellness? Do you want to be up to date with the latest trends on the fitness philosophy? Then you have a date at our country’s most important fitness convention: February Fitness 2020. It takes place on 14, 15 and 16 February 2020 in Leon and will bring together over 2000 people, including attendees and renowned speakers.

February Fitness 2020: What will this convention be based on?

The objective of its creators is clear: the need to create a unique event dedicated to the world of fitness at a national and international level, with affordable prices and with the top professionals. So, whether you are a professional working in the sector or a fan of the fitness philosophy, you will find leisure and fun: many presentations from national and international experts, flagship training, championships, demonstrations and competitive and participatory activities.

February Fitness 2020 will be divided into the following areas: Pilates, Yoga, Personal Training, Cross Training, ADD, Indoor cycling and, as exclusive new developments, this year we will introduce Aqua and Sport Management.


Aerobic & Fitness collaborator special at February Fitness 2020

Once again, Aerobic & Fitness will have a presence as a sponsor at February Fitness 2020 where you will have the opportunity to discover a new range of products that will delight you. Below, we offer you a preview of what you will find both on stands 2 and 3 where Aerobic & Fitness will be located and on the new stage at the fitfest area:

Presentations by Aerobic & Fitness at February Fitness 2020

As in previous editions, at FitFest you will find the main stage, where talks, masterclasses and presentations will be held by professionals from the sector.  Don’t miss the following presentations from Aerobic & Fitness:

February Fitness 2020
  • Pilates on unstable surfaces: we demonstrate the creative use of unstable surfaces in Mat Pilates classes, which can be done in pairs or groups. It is aimed towards exercise in situations where there is instability and imbalance. We will show you the skills needed to create and run a Mat Pilates session using unstable surfaces as the principal point.

  • Weight bars: bar exercises are carried out using a straight metal bar with weights placed on both ends. With good weight bar training, you can work on the trapezius muscles, shoulders, abdomen, forearms, back, lats, chest, glutes and quadriceps. Additionally, we will show you the best position and posture to maintain in order to do exercises with bars and prevent injuries.

  • Gluteboom with loops xl: one of the priorities among clients at gyms and fitness centres is strengthening and toning the glutes. In our presentation, we will do a training programme creating a modern work structure with more up to date and effective exercises.

  • Functional training with different stations: a very popular physical activity nowadays. It is based on specific exercises and/or equipment, with a pattern work system which are adaptable to your daily routine. It emerged as a rehabilitation mechanism and many personal trainers have adopted it as a new form of training. A new activity such as CrossFit, which has lots of followers nowadays, requires the use of different equipment, the stabilisation of the task and the use of light loads.

Discover exclusive products from Aerobic & Fitness

In the annual FitFest event at February Fitness 2020 you will find new products that you can touch, try and see in situ. Some examples of the new products that you can discover on the Aerobic & Fitness stand will be:

February Fitness 2020
  • Functional tower: with the functional tower by Aerobic & Fitness, you will have the opportunity to train on a unique product. Thanks to its smaller area, it is the perfect structure for personalising various training options according to the needs of each user. Perfect for fitness rooms, personal training areas or rehabilitation areas, it can accommodate training with 4 people.

  • O’sky: the perfect suspension training system, which is easy to use and very effective. Suitable for different physical conditions, O’sky by Aerobic and Fitness activates the abdominal area with each exercise, thereby increasing flexibility and facilitating an intense cardiovascular and muscular training.

  • Bosu pods: Designed in a semi-spherical shape made of latex, with the Bosu Balance Pods you achieve a full training by improving balance, developing core strength and stability, as well as improving body posture.

  • Surge: the latest generation tool to improve health, physical aptitude and performance. It is made up of angles, which generate waves when strategically placed, causing instability and making the muscles work the core.

  • Rmt: a special instrument to fully strengthen the body, but it also offers the option to focus on specific areas. It improves strength, mobility and coordination. Thanks to its versatility, it can be used by athletes and trainers in practically all professional sports.

February Fitness 2020: Don’t miss the most important Fitness convention

After 14, we continue believing in the growth of this important convention, a leader on a national level, in which we would like to continue positioning the month of February as the ultimate month for Fitness in Spain.

Don’t miss your date with February Fitness 2020 if you love the world of fitness, if you are a professional or if you simply want to learn and have fun. Remember you have a date on 14, 15 and 16 February with Aerobic & Fitness and February Fitness 2020.


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