With the situation caused by COVID-19 and the consequent lockdown, many of us are missing our gyms and fitness studios, even though we try to exercise at home.

At O’live Fitness we want to show you how to organise your functional training, as well as the perfect cross training equipment, so that the lockdown doesn’t get in the way of continuing to improve your performance, and staying fit for when you can return to training at the gym.

Cross Training Equipment

Cross training equipment: benefits and reasons to start Cross Training

Cross training equipment

Cross training is a functional workout made up of exercises and movements that are perfect for improving our everyday lives. It comprises the ideal exercises to help with rehabilitation for people who have suffered injuries or operations that have reduced their mobility.

In general, it is a very comprehensive method of training that will help you to keep active in this lockdown period, improving your health and mobility, as well as burning calories.

Cross training equipment: the best equipment for training at home

Firstly, with just your body weight or self-loading exercises, you could achieve an effective workout. Although to intensify the functional training, the best thing is to combine it with cross training equipment like that from O’live Fitness:

  • O’LIVE elastic band: this has become an essential piece of cross training equipment for training at home. It is a cheap piece of equipment, which is easy to transport and store at home. In addition, it allows you to train all your muscles, adding extra resistance to your body. They are suitable for adding resistance to any exercise and can be used by anyone, regardless of age and physical condition.

    Elastic bands are so versatile that they enable you to add more intensity to a training session for glutes, legs, specific muscle groups, such as the back, and you can even include them in your home training along with balls and sandbags.

Cross training equipment
  • O’LIVE medicine ball with handles: a medicine ball is a rubber ball with a variable diameter and weight, and which incorporates two handles to enable an optimum grip. Numerous benefits make it ideal for functional training: it is cheap, very durable and takes up very little space. It is a good item of cross training equipment for doing exercises at home. It is advisable to increase the weight of the ball used as the person’s level of strength increases.

Cross training equipment
  • O’LIVE weighted jacket: this accessory is very interesting to increase the intensity of your workouts. Primarily, the jacket is used to add strength to your routines and polymetric, agility exercises or exercises with your own body weight and with the possibility of helping to develop muscle. It can be used to do squats, push-ups, pull-ups, sprints, climb hills or burpees. Some of the advantages of using the weighted jacket from O’live are the increase in strength and resistance, it improves your cardiovascular capacity and you don’t get your body used to always having the same routine and the same weight.

Cross training equipment
  • O’LIVE Strongman sandbag: a workout with sandbags is perfect for activating the muscles and making them stronger. These are sacks full of sand that allow wide array of movements with just one item. They allow you to work more muscles at the same time and they help functional training. They have interesting benefits such as their affordable cost, as well as the fact that they enable functional movements to strengthen muscles and reduce injuries. They are a perfect option for those looking to get out of their comfort zone.

Cross training equipment

Cross training equipment: How to do a session at home?

As always, just like with any other workout, before a functional cross training session, we recommend preparing correctly with a warm-up. You can do squats, push-ups or jogging. A session lasts approximately 1 hour and it is structured as follows:

  • Warm-up phase

  • Training session

  • Warm-down: active recovery, relaxation and strengthening work

Cross training equipment: perfect types of training to do at home

Cross training equipment

Once the warm-up is done, there are various types of functional training that you can do, for example:

  • Weight exercises: a classic exercise that can be done with a weight is the biceps curl, as well as squats with a bar or kettlebells. All of these movements can be done with a sandbag like the O’LIVE STRONGMAN SANDBAG, kettlebells, discs or dumbbells. If you want even more intensity, you can do it on an unstable surface like a bosu. Thanks to its instability, you can work muscles throughout the body, above all, in the core area.

  • Mobility with added weight: with items like medicine balls such as the O’LIVE MEDICINE BALL WITH HANDLES, discs or abdominal wheel, you can do wonderful exercises and, if you add weight, you can intensify the work a lot more. An example would be doing abdominal stretches with a WEIGHTED JACKET like the one from O’LIVE, to roll the wheel or the medicine ball.

  • Instability to improve strength: an elastic band such as the O’LIVE ELASTIC BAND is a different way of adding weight to your workout at home and we have previously mentioned that if you do so on an unstable surface, you will achieve extremely beneficial work. An example would be to do push-ups passing the elastic band around the back and holding the ends with the hands supported on a medicine ball, or an inverted bosu.

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