The evolution of suspended bodyweight exercising has brought to us the AirFit™ Trainer Pro. The patent-pending technology allows for complete unrestricted movement in which body parts can move independently to work effi ciently in all planes of motion. It has been designed with features to allow for proper body alignment and comfort when performing your favorite strength training, stretching, stability, and mobility exercises. The AirFit™ Trainer Pro allows for true unilateral movements and rotation.
It will build total body strength, power, fl exibility, stability, and coordination by constantly challenging your core to perform primal movement patterns such as pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging, and rotating – all of which are paramount to achieve BALANCE and higher levels of HUMAN PERFORMANCE.
• Ultra Slings™ prevents abrasion caused by other suspension devices. They are specially designed to provide comfort in performing both upper and lower body exercises.
• Ultra Slings™ open to allow for combinations with handles, bars, or other attachments.
• Our Cyclone 52™ unleashes the potential to train one limb at a time and engages the core as a stabilizer. Simple reconfi guration locks the Cyclone 52™ in place for simpler exercises that require less stabilization.
• Air Spring™ diminishes jarring of other suspension trainers.
• Easily attaches to a variety of stable objects.
• The adjustable strap allows for the AirFit Trainer Pro™ to be hung from an attachment point 10’ high.
• Instructional DVD included with purchase.

Reference: ES05500


The AirFit™ Trainer Basic is like the PRO version, but without the use of the Cyclone™ pulley. It can perform many of the same bodyweight resistance movements, but is limited at performing uni-lateral or rotational movements. This model provides the unique comfort of the Ultra Slings at a more economical price. The AirFit™ Trainer Basic package consists of two independent adjustable straps that attach directly to an anchor point, a pair of Ultra Slings with carabiners, and a large carabiner that connects the system together.

Reference: ES05400


Basic commercial-grade handle grip pair use with our AirFit™ Trainers and more. Sold as a pair.

Reference: ES00900


Door anchor for AirFit ™Trainer, Core12™ and Core36 Bars™

Reference: ST00900


Multi-use adjustible strap for use with AirFit™ Trainers and more. This strap can be adjusted to various heights to accommodate any training environment.

Reference: ES00800