Unlike traditional balance boards, the Loumet balance board incorporates a non-slip circular relief on the surface for increased gripping capacity. In addition, its slightly convex shape allows greater user support. The rounded corners allow a safe hand use when doing ground work.

The Loumet balance board is built in one piece, making it extremely durable, strong, resilient and able to withstand up to 350 kg.

Reference EN29000
Colour Blue


The Russian belt is a very simple to use product. You must have a support (Wall bar, bracket) allowing static and dynamic exercises for lower body strength: femoral biceps area, quadriceps and hamstrings. You can perform unconventional exercise positions aiding recovery, preventing injures, and improving strength and fl exibility.

The O’live Russian belt is manufactured in neoprene which does not absorb moisture, and includes a metal buckle for quick and easy adjustment adding versatility and comfort.

Reference EN29100


The Fitness mat has been awarded with the “Sanitized” certifi cate, which gives greater hygienic properties. At the same time its fl exibility and its completely smooth surface on the reverse, allows excellent grip to the fl oor. Its size and properties make it ideal in areas dedicated to personal training, in stretching areas, rehabilitation, etc.

• Ideal for spaces dedicated to stretching, rehabilitation, etc.
• “Sanitized” hygienic certifi cation.
• Slightly textured surface to prevent slipping during exercise.
• Flexible mat that achieves high grip to the fl oor.
• Made in Europe.

Reference CL01301 CL01500
Size 200 x 85 x 1.5 cm 180 x 60 x 1.5 cm
Colour Blue Blue


The Superband is a very versatile tool for adding resistance to fl exibility, weight lifting and bodyweight training. A higher quality band does not exist. It is ideal as an aid for doing pushups and dips. All the bands are made of 100% natural layered latex to ensure a long lasting product. Superbands are 104 cm long and 0.95 cm thick. Six diff erent widths provide the current range of intensity.

X Light
1.27 cm wide Red Superband, typically used to add strength to fl exibility exercises. The intensity is between 2 kg and 11 kg.

Reference EL08301

1.91 cm wide Black Superband. This is a good option for people with a body weight below 65 kg, for general use and for adding resistance to knee lifting exercises, steps and sprints. The intensity is between 2.27 kg and 15 kg.

Reference EL08302

2.86 cm wide Purple Superband. Good choice for people with a body weight between 60 and 90 kg, for general use and for push-ups. The intensity is between 4.65 kg and 22.68 kg.

Reference EL08303

4.45 cm wide Green Superband. Ideal for beginners in bodyweight exercises, for athletes and expert users over 90 kg. It is also useful to add resistance to weightlifting. The intensity is between 11.3 kg and 36.3 kg.

Reference EL08304

Super Strong
6.35 cm wide Blue Superband. It is ideal for adding resistance to weightlifting. The intensity is between 17 kg and 54.43 kg.

Reference EL08305

Extra Strong
8.26 cm wide Orange Superband. It is ideal for adding resistance to weightlifting. The intensity is between 27.2 kg and 68 kg.

Reference EL08306


With a new handle design and addition of a metal pin we have developed a resistant product that will last for many years. Jumpers use this type of rope to jump 5-6 times per second. It turns exceptionally well and it is very light allowing not only for fast jumps but also allows the user to perform double and triple jumps. You can easily adjust the length.

Reference ST14300
Colour Black